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About Detasi

Detasi is a leading supplier of veterinary products and services in Sudan, and is developing at a rapid rate. The company, a privately owned family business, was established in 1999.

Development Technology And Services International Co Ltd has been a leading company since its establishment in 1999 in the veterinary field. The ever growing market in Sudan needs the highest standards of products and services and we ensure that these needs are met at every stage of business activity. We are affiliated with a number of established international companies which help us provide our clients with a world class range of services. With a professional, experienced and dedicated workforce, Detasi strives to provide unmatched services and support to meet our clients’ needs and guarantee their satisfaction.

Detasi is main office is located in Khartoum Sudan, with two branches located in Khartoum and Khartoum North.

Our Team

Detasi staff have a reputation in the market for professionalism and integrity and maintaining these qualities is absolutely crucial for us.

Without its people, Detasi would not be able to deliver. Detasi helps provide the right conditions for its workforce to prosper through encouraging teamwork, rewarding performance, and nurturing a family-like environment throughout the company. 

Personal development for our people is a commitment. This is through continuous training (local and overseas), career monitoring and exposure to a variety of projects in the animal production field.

Our Products

Our commitment to quality is crucial and non-negotiable. Products and services offered by Detasi are of the highest world-class quality, through the range of international companies we represent. We follow all the latest developments in the field to make sure our customers are up-to-date and competitive, not only on a local level but on a regional level.

Our community

Five years of experience in managing the agro-development of 30 villages around Nuba Mountains & South Sudan.

Close cooperation with NGO’s and the public sector in community development projects.

Performed a large number of in-depth socio-economic surveys and studies in war-affected regions in Sudan.

One of the founding members of the UN Global Compact in Sudan.

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